THE MILKY WAY OF FLAVOURS A journey into the world of milk and its derivatives

Corso di FormaggiLa Confraternita del Vermentino di Berchidda, with the collaboration of experts of the Agency Laore Sardinia and the Museo del Vino Enoteca Regionale, is organizing a wine tasting course and in-depth knowledge of cheese:

“THE MILKY WAY OF FLAVORS” journey into the world of milk and its derivatives.
This course will guide Massimiliano Venusti officer for activities with high contents of professionalism in the dairy sector and will give us valuable support of the Sommeliers Wine Museum Enoteca Regionale, which, with those of the Brotherhood, will take care of matching cheese – wine.
The course will be held in the cozy rooms of the Conservatory Kitchen Berchidda (Sanna Meloni House) and provides five meetings starting Wednesday, October 31, and then continue in the days Thursday 8, 15, 22 and Wednesday, November 28, from 18 to 20. The initiative – says Mario Pianezzi Grand Master of the Brotherhood – has a training on issues related to the principles of tasting cheese and dairy products knowledge of the island, through a cultural taste education and a healthy and balanced diet, offering products genuine quality.
During the five nights will be tasted several cheeses from all over Sardinia and some of the most important and prestigious National cheeses, starting with the story of the transformation of the milk through the ages and the use of appropriate terminology for their evaluation and description.
We discuss the area of origin and production of the same and of the historical and cultural aspects that characterize them. The wines that accompany them, and with whom we will build matching harmonics, come from five different wineries: Cantina Sociale Giogantinu, Castello Monteacuto, Unmaredivino Berchidda and Cantina Sociale del Vermentino and Pedra Majore Monti.
For logistical reasons, are allowed a maximum of 25 people. Course fee € 50.00.
Attached is the full schedule of five days.
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rif. Antonella Usai