The Wine Museum, with its wine-ethnographic path, illustrates the cultural aspect of wine production in Sardinia. A journey into the world of simple but meaningful traditions, narrated by rudimentary work tools, where it is reconstructed the chain starting from the cultivation of the land, care of the vineyard, the pressing of grapes, cork processing and bottling.
Through a glimpse of the exhibition thyrsos, you are immersed in an ancient world, made of journeys in the Mediterranean, through which, on cargo ships, the wine reached the ports in the wine fascinating amphorae.
Along the way, a step supported by a technological totem, allows us to deepen the main topics on the viticulture of the island, through the vision of the CD Rom on “Su Inu” (Wine).
A selection of old labels is matched to the objects on display. The graphics of the labels, the type of bottle, written the same lead us in a wine temporal context quite different from that of today, although not very far away, showing a change at times radical, the concept of image, information and technology.