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Discovering of the Wine

Path to local knowledge,
of work tools and colors and scents.

The educational project for schools which offer is to give life to the students experience of visiting a museum, in addition to the normal process of learning and knowledge ofmaterial culture, can be introduced into a perception of their surroundings through the stimulation of the senses.

The Wine Museum, and next to the Enoteca Regionale, is a museum that has the feature of being able to carry out information, through the narration of the history of the museum, the vine and wine, the culture of the area and at the same time, development of sensory stimuli that lead to the perception of colors, smells and tastes of a food, like wine, which is part of everyday life and can give us lots of information on the area in which we live.

Learning about the product, means in fact, learn to appreciate and enjoy it in the manner and on time.

  • Through this process we develop different themes related to teaching: know the area and its history: historical and cultural aspects related to the production of wine;
  • path from grape to wine: the chain
  • enrichment of food culture: a look to consumer education awareness (alcohol and health, alcohol and driving motor vehicles);
  • discovery of agriculture and cultural traditions, to promote knowledge of trades and professions in agriculture: innovation and tradition in viticulture;
  • the opportunity to experience the museum as a static place, merely an exhibition, but as a dynamic place to live where sensory experiences;

The experience of visiting the Museum of Wine can be articulated as follows:

Before the visit to the museum, they arrange a meeting between a qualified educational services / Sommelier Wine Museum.

On this occasion we can start working with teachers (preview) so that during the week preceding the visit, the students are guided in finding information on making wine,making sure they get to the museum with a cultural heritage and encouraging wider their curiosity;

  • wine tour-tour along the ethnographic description of the working tools of the earth, the grapes and cork products; brief account of the history of the vine and wine in ancient Sardinia;
  • visit to a vineyard: vineyard plants, will be inspired to illustrate and expand the heritage of indigenous wine production in Sardinia (the approach will change depending on date);
  • laboratory experience: the sensory experience of wine, food product will be experienced differently depending on the age group of pupils.
  • Students under 18 years: analysis of visual and olfactory colors and scents of the wine;
  • Students aged 18 years: visual, olfactory and gustatory colors, scents and tastes of wine;
  • Visit one of the local cellars to learn new systems of grapes and placing on the market (harvest period to be agreed)


Visit time: 1/2 day
6.00 Euro
for student – VAT 10% included
(ticket free for teachers)
  • Hospitality (10″ on the bus)
  • visit the vineyard (90″ with journey to and from the museum)
  • visit the museum (30″)
  • laboratory (45″)
  • lunch break**
  • departure
Visit time: 1/2 day
5.00 Euro
for student – VAT 10% included
(ticket free for teachers)
  • Hospitality (10″ on the bus)
  • visit the museum (30″)
  • laboratory (60″)
  • departure


Visit time: 1/2 day
2.00 Euro
for student – VAT 10% included
  • Hospitality
  • visit the museum (30/45″)
  • departure
on request
  • For the families involved, we also offer the family weekend, with the children, or children who have been through the experience at the Wine Museum with school, parents areintroduced to the world of wine and wine tasting.


** The lunch break may be organized in the following ways:

–  At a local restaurant partnership with the Museum of Wine

–  Lunches with products carried by children and teachers