With the wine museum heritage is “abuzz” European Heritage Days

On 29 and 30 September,the Wine Museum Wine-regional Berchidda, participates is the “DaysGiornate del Patrimonio Europeo

European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days “. The program includes a panel discussion, guided tours, wine tasting and local products, accompanied by music and dance tradition Berchidda.
“Shareholders in turmoil: harmonies of flavors and sounds, the vineyard as cultural experience” is the catchy title of the event created by the Museum of Wine – Wine Regional Berchidda – on the occasion of the European Heritage Days. The initiative is the result of joint action by the Council of Europe and the European Commission, promoted by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, sponsored and supported by the Province of Olbia-Tempio, winds through two days, scheduled in Berchidda on 29 and 30 September, entirely dedicated to the culture of the land and its products.
The objective is to enhance the local wine heritage through guided tours and wine tastings paired with local produce and the environment in which they are produced, accompanied by singing, dancing and traditional music Berchidda.
It starts on Saturday 29, at 10, with a meeting dedicated to biodiversity, will be presentations of specialists and experts from different realities of research. After that, the tasting of typical products in combination with the wines of tradition Berchidda.
Continue Sunday 30, at 11, directly in the vineyard, to the delight of nature lovers and wine connoisseurs, who can taste the wines in harmonious combination with other products and agricultural and accompanied by music borrowed from the traditional repertoire.
“Along with the development of viticulture _ explains Antonella Usai, cultural promoter, president of the Wine Museum and Enoturistika _ the intent of the event is to emphasize the fact that the concept of cultural heritage is also part of the vast intangible heritage of which is particularly rich in Sardinia, an amazing resource on which to focus to boost the economy based on agriculture, the environment and to wine. “
“By connecting the hinterland to the coast _ remarked Councillor Andrea Berchidda Nieddu_ the event, promoted and supported by the Province of Olbia-Tempio _ enhances the complex system of local culture, during the Heritage Days taken by the EU, a ‘ opportunity to reflect on wealth and potential of an area as diverse as ours in which the courage to make decisions that the future of the company and the credibility of the policy. “

Schedule of Events

Saturday, September 29
10 am, Berchidda, conference room to the Wine Museum – via Casu, panel discussion on “Biodiversity, Culture between Earth and Sea”.
It covers:

“Men and Marine Protected Area”, with Augusto Navone, Director of Marine Protected Area Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo;
“Biodiversity in the viticulture of Sardinia,” with Luca Mercenaro, a researcher at the Department of Agriculture – University of Sassari;
“Council Forests and Biodiversity” with Antonio Addis, head dell’Arboreto and the Butterfly Garden Entity forests Sardinia;
“Biodiversity in Olbia Tempio Province, surprises and opportunities,” with Egidio Trainito, photographer and communicator;

12.30, tasting of local products, are accompanying the voices and dancing Choir and Folk Group Santu Sabustianu Santa Lughia.
This stand of the route of Vermentino di Gallura DOCG in the museum is a member.
Sunday, September 30
11 am, Berchidda, in the Vineyard of the brothers Sanna (marked route 10 minutes from the museum), and tasting in music with the band “Bernardo Demuro” and Majorettes “First Steps” Berchidda together with majorette of Tempio. (10.30 am departure from the Wine Museum with own car).
The Producers
Cantina Sociale Giogantinu
Unmaredivino Joacchino Sini
Castello Monteacuto famiglia Casu
Spirits: Lucrezio R.
Meats: Brothers Soggiu and C.
Cheese: Nuova Casearia di Salvatore Piga, Su Senabrinu di Giansanto Calvia
Oil: Oleificio Gallura
Sweets: Rau Arte Dolciario
Fresh pasta: Artigianpasta of F. Piga, Art and paste Arrica, Pastificio craftsman Caria M. Sunday
… and the cork Sugherificio Colla and Fresu, Sub Decorate Brothers Achenza Sas, Sugherificio Casula S., La Bottega del cork Sebastiano Gaias, Sugherificio Stefano Casu, processing of cork Francesco Gaias and processing of cork Gianpiero Mazza.

La Vigna is that of brothers Sanna, located just 10 minutes from the museum.
Berchidda, September 25, 2012

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Antonio Meloni