Land and sea together for a sustainable tourism

The sea and the land in a unique project with the aim of enhancing the environmental and cultural resources of the island. In this direction would soon move the Wine Museum of Berchidda and the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara with the aim of a project aimed at promoting the cultural resources of a major portion of the area of Gallura and Monte Acuto.

The idea was launched Saturday during the conference “Culture between land and sea” who opened the exhibition “World Heritage in turmoil”, supported by the Province of Olbia-Tempio and dedicated to the European Heritage Days. From the reports of the experts who took turns at the microphone (Augusto Navone Amp Tavolara, Antonio Addis Ente Foreste, Luke Mercenaro University of Sassari and documentarian Eugene Trainito) in the conference room of the Museum of Wine, has emerged the importance of networking to create the necessary synergies to address the negative effects of the crisis that is putting the knee in the economic system of Sardinia.

In this context, the technical expertise gained in the management of the protected sea can be a model to fit even in inland areas for the use of cultural heritage apparently different. In this context it may also be an important part of the Body forests of Sardinia as a connecting element between the two.

A strategy successfully tested in other contexts to bring together, in a creative and cost-effective, coastal resources, related to the environment and nature and inland where tradition and local knowledge are the key components. The wine museum’s role would be to represent the heritage wine and its production companies all important first step of the path to be traced, the University finally contribute to make available the experience gained in the field of development of varieties that have lower a strong bond of identity with the territory.

A tangible example is represented by the second day of the event, Sunday, Sept. 30, spent in the vineyard of the brothers Sanna, where entertainment, hospitality and wine were a little taste of what can be a structured and comprehensive proposal.

The event was successfully completed thanks to the collaboration of eleven local producers and pleasing performance of the majorette Berchidda in partnership with the majorette of Tempio  of the choir and folk group Santu Sabustianu Santa Lughia Berchidda with the group oschirese Nostra Signora of Castro.

Berchidda, October 2, 2012


Antonio Meloni


Download Report od Egidio Trainito

Download report of Augusto Navone

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